How To Live Your Life in Color

Ah color, it can lift our mood and spark joy! And on a personal level, it's what sets us a part in our unique way of expressing ourselves through color. Winter can feel dreary and grey sometimes and we tend to gravitate towards darker colors not realizing that it can contribute to our mood. 

Try wearing colors you would only wear in Spring or Summer and watch your psyche transform and impact the people you meet along the way. Literally brightening not only your day but theirs as well! 

Spring is not here yet but we can usher it in with the green light of this captivating emerald ring.  This rich green gemstone is a beloved classic. From the bold and dramatic, to the subtle and elegant, emeralds are a versatile choice for a variety of styles. 



Let's talk about Yellow Citrine like this cushion ring. It's chic and classic all the while carrying a buzz of understated glamour. Pair it with some funky Oval Blue Topaz earrings and Hello Sunshine, here i come!! 





Let's look at the pink side of life shall we? Aside from the obvious that it has a dreamy quality to it and that it's bright and happy. Pink goes with so much and is an awesome companion to the every day basics that we love to wear like jeans and a white t-shirt to camel hues and light grey. This pure pink mystic topaz ring will go with anything and add flavor to any outfit. 


This cushion purple amethyst pendant radiates warmth and a subtle quiet invitation to look deep within and appreciate the beauty that it has to offer. It has a romantic feel to it and paired with a light comfortable sweater and jeans will be a chic addition. 

One click away from our Live Your Life in Color below. Wishing you a day filled with color!