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Tracy J
Tracy J
Stars reviews Verified Purchase

"This ring is absolutely gorgeous and looks fantastic paired with my silver diamond crisscross wedding band."

Dana P
Dana P
Stars reviews Verified Purchase

The band looks great, the ring is beautiful and the payment options were a bonus. We were able to get me a ring that I absolutely love but also break it up into four very affordable payments

Nadine B
Nadine B
Stars reviews Verified Purchase

Wow! Just got my ring and it is so incredibly beautiful - I love the milgrain which is what drew me to this ring - and the depth of color in the stone.  Just love it! First impression is a great one - thank you! Know I will be back!

How to determine what jewelry is best for you based on your face shape

Posted by Customer Support on

How to determine what jewelry is best for you based on your face shape

How To Determine What Jewelry Is Best For You Based On Your Face Shape

When it comes to jewelry, what looks best on you is influenced greatly by your face shape. What might seem like an unimportant component can transform the way that jewelry appears on certain people. Finding the best size and shape for you is a great way to create a harmonious look. And once you’ve found it, you’ll know what to look for when jewelry shopping in the future. The general “rule” is that your jewelry should be opposite from your face shape. This contrast creates a pleasing and attractive look. Read on to discover different face shapes and how jewelry is impacted by each.

Round face shape

Round face shapes, like Ginnifer Goodwin, Kirsten Dunst, and Selena Gomez are characterized by soft curves and little to know angles. These face shapes often have a youthful look. When it comes to jewelry, opt for pieces that are square, rectangular, or have some other sort of angles. For instance, emerald cut gemstones in earrings will contrast the roundness of the face. You could even try several stacked square stones for a lengthening effect.

Square face shape

The square face shape is opposite of the round face shape, and therefore needs opposite jewelry. Celebrities who have square face shapes include Angelina Jolie and Sandra Bullock. This face shape often has a prominent jaw line than can be softened by wearing circular or round earrings. Round necklaces that sit high on the collarbone, such as chokers or short chains can have the same effect by creating a contrast under the chin. Try a strand of pearls or other gemstones for a romantic look.

Oblong face shape

The oblong face shape, which can be found on celebs like Liv Tyler and Kelly Rowland, is elongated—the length is much greater than the width. This face shape should avoid dangle earrings, as they can mimic the length. Instead, try stud earrings that create bulk and dimension right at the ear lobe. Whether small or statement-sized, studs are a great choice for oblong face shapes.

Heart face shape

The most well-known heart face shape is Reese Witherspoon, and if you have a similar face shape, you’re in good company. This shape is characterized by wide cheekbones and a very narrow chin, thus creating a heart-like appearance. Jewelry for this face shape should add width to the bottom half of the face, near the jaw and chin. Achieve this look by wearing dangle or chandelier earrings that can fill up that space. Large stud earrings will do the opposite, but drawing attention to the width at the cheeks.

Choosing the right jewelry for your face shape will create a pleasing look that will have heads turning. So use the guide above to determine what is the best shape for you.