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Diana Roiters
Diana Roiters
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The service and quality of the ring were superb. Order with confidence as the ring looked as pretty in person as it did in the photograph.

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Tina Micheles
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My new fiance saw this beautiful and in the perfect moment, she said yes. Thank you Gem Stone King for all of the help and the answers you gave me , it was a hard choice!

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Fey Chaliber
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The product shipped promptly and arrived looking just as it appeared online. I had unfortunately ordered the wrong size, but fortunately their easy and exceptional return policy made it a simple task for me to return the ring. Within a few days I then received the new correct size ring. Very easy process and reliable.

Birthstone jewelry: Gemstones that add a personal touch

Posted by Burcin Sevengul on

Birthstone jewelry: Gemstones that add a personal touch

For centuries, people have believed there is a direct connection between birthdates and particular gemstones, commonly known as birthstones. In popular culture today, the tradition of assigning gems to the 12 months of the year is a common practice in the jewelry industry. Modern styles today have unique ways of incorporating gemstones to represent the link to the astrological forces tied to the calendar.

Both men and women love wearing their birthstones for many reasons. Primarily, birthstone jewelry has a personalized feel—that not just anyone could wear a certain stone. There as significance and appreciation for the beginning of a life and the date at which a person enters the world. Many wearers swear by the forces and powers that birthstones emit. Here’s a quick breakdown of the 12 gems and their cultural associations.

January: Garnet

Garnet is most commonly found in a deep red color. The stone is said to represent friendship, trust, and faithfulness.

February: Amethyst

With its purple hue, Amethyst has deep ties to royalty and has been used as a form of symbolism for thousands of years. Modern spiritual imagery ties it to clarity and peace of mind. It is often referred to as a healer’s stone.

March: Aquamarine

Linked to the sea due to its light blue color, aquamarine represents cool, calm state of mind, as well as being grounded.

April: Diamond

Despite its popular use as a romantic gemstone in weddings, diamonds also represent those born in April. The stone has meanings of everlasting love, purity and innocence.

May: Emerald

With its rich green hue, Emerald is a joyful gem that is linked to prosperity and growth. Wearers are often blessed with luck and good fortune.

June: Pearl

Its classic beauty is unmatched, and its timeless style spans the test of time. Pearls are the only gems that are created by a living animal, and symbolize joy and purity.

July: Ruby

Bright and vibrant, this red stone is the second hardest on the Moh’s scale after diamonds. Rubies radiate energy and passion, as well as being tied to wisdom and ingenuity.

August: Peridot

Peridot is often found naturally near the site of volcanic eruptions. The bright lime green color is perfect for the August summer birthday. Peridot has long held mythical powers for healing and influence.

September: Sapphire

Commonly seen in its deep blue to violet hue, sapphires are found in a variety of colors naturally. This stone symbolizes romantic love and the protection and healing of loved ones. It also has ties to spirituality and purity.

October: Opal

With its rainbow spectrum of color, opals are a unique birthstone unlike many of the others. It is known as the “Seers stone” to look into the future and predict change and possibility.

November: Topaz

A prized gemstone for centuries, topaz and citrine represent the month of November. The orange color is a beautiful contrast to fall, and the gem said to possess strength, fortitude, vision, and warmth.

December: Turquoise

Often linked to Native American culture, turquoise has a rich history that is tied to protection and love. December is also celebrated with Tanzanite and Blue Topaz, all emitting varying shades of a blue color.

Birthstone jewelry makes great gifts for multiple occasions. Women may shop for themselves, feeling a direct connection to the symbolism and powers that are associated with their particular stone. Necklaces, rings, and bracelets are also often given to new moms at the birth of their child, the birthstone representing the month their son or daughter made his or her debut. “Family jewelry”—where birthstones for siblings are arranged together—are popular choices for Mother’s Day and other occasions for Mom.

In all, birthstone jewelry is special for many reasons, holding deep historical and culture characteristics, as well as a tie to modern times. No matter what the piece or style, wearer’s feel a distinct confidence and uniqueness when wearing their birthstone.

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