3 Reasons to Give Yellow Gold a Chance This Year

Posted by Jennifer Craven on

In the world of jewelry metal shades increase and decrease in popularity over the years. Just like any fashion item, the popular gold color changes periodically. However, yellow gold is undoubtedly considered the most common engagement ring color in history. Think back to the Victorian Era when engagement rings were commonly yellow gold, or the 1960s when yellow gold was again the color of choice. Today, yellow gold is seeing another huge rise in popularity. So here’s three reasons you should consider donning this warm hue in your jewelry picks this year.

  1. Yellow is a warming color

Looking for that sun-kissed glow all year long? Even during those bitter months when you’re not outside, wearing warm-toned colors can cast a warm hue against your skin. Yellow gold is considered a “warm” color due to where yellow falls on the color wheel. So for those ladies who have naturally deep or olive skin tones, yellow gold is an easy complement. Do you have fairer skin? Not to worry. Yellow gold can still work great on you too, especially during the summer months. Try pairing yellow gold with other warm gemstones, such as rubies, emeralds, and more. Or wear solid gold pieces with other warm clothing colors for a harmonious look.

  1. Yellow is hypoallergenic

Yellow gold contains other metals and alloys, such as nickel, copper and brass. The higher the karat of pure gold, the better chance you have of avoiding a metal allergy, rash, or those yucky stains on your skin. Gold that is 14K or higher is a good choice. The best choice, of course, is 24K, but even 18K and 14K can be considered hypoallergenic. So for those who struggle with finding jewelry that won’t cause a reaction, high quality yellow gold is the way to go. Look how stunning these pearl earrings are!

  1. Yellow is great for vintage styles

One of the main reasons yellow gold is seeing a major comeback right now is due to the vintage-infused vibe that these pieces have. Seeing a yellow gold necklace, ring, or earrings looks like a throwback to times gone by, which today’s women love. You can get this look super easy just by incorporating more yellow gold pieces into your collection. Try a mixture of simple basics, like diamond studs, or something more ornate with detail. These classic pieces are right on trend for the vintage lovers out there. Check out our collection of yellow gold jewelry to find the best options for your personality.

Still not sure about making the switch to yellow gold? Trust us, you won’t regret it. It’s a surefire way to stand out from the crowd of white gold ladies, while making a major fashion impact that has a timeless, classic feel.