Unconventional Engagement Rings Are All The Rage

Unless you were living under a rock these past few days, you definitely heard that Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are engaged! But what created more buzz than the engagement announcement itself was the unique ring choice that he slipped on her finger. The stunning flower-shaped dazzler was surely an unconventional pick, but it’s right on trend for 2019, as unexpected shapes and styles are becoming more and more popular. Here are a few more ideas for those who want to find an engagement ring that really packs a punch—in a good way!

New Shapes, Creative Styles

What says love more than a heart? Hearts are a popular choice for engagement rings, whether they’re large, small, or in multiples. Or, like Katy Perry, maybe you want to get in touch with your inner flower child with a unique piece that blooms right on your finger! There are so many shapes and styles that go off the beaten path of typical engagement rings. Look for bands that criss-cross or other unique designs. This creative blue tanzanite ring features multiple diamond bands that wrap around the finger, creating an unexpected look that’s quite beautiful. You might also look for accents that give a ring a vintage feel—a look that is very on trend today. Art Deco inspirations give a piece a classic, timeless feel that stands the test of time.

Colors Beyond Colorless

Sure, diamonds are great…but they’re not always for everyone. If your gal prefers to stand out from the crowd, rather than blending in, why not choose another gemstone color to really hit the mark? There’s no rule that says engagement rings must be diamond. In fact, there’s been plenty of times through history where diamonds were not the stone of choice. The ring itself is a token and symbol of the love, so any gem will do! Maybe you choose her birthstone for a special touch, or her favorite color that she’ll love to wear everyday. Hey, even black is a chic option for engagement rings, like this black onyx and yellow gold piece. Or what about the whimsical, uplifting feel of an opal?

For the ladies who like to let their personality shine, a unique engagement ring is just the thing. Looking down at your finger will mean so much more when the ring is a true reflection of your style. So why feel like you have to fit in, when you can really stand out? With so many gorgeous options to choose from, any piece is engagement-ring-worthy. So browse our collection to find the perfect option for the love of your life. What do you think? Are you ready to make a statement? Shop today!