Mother of Pearl: The New Classic for Spring

Looking for a new take on timeless jewelry styles? Today’s hottest trend is mother of pearl. This glimmering iridescent material is named for the inner lining of many sea creatures, such as oysters. In jewelry, the look is a light, ethereal, classic feel that pairs with virtually everything in a woman’s closet.

Mother of pearl has been used for centuries in jewelry—the traditional style is eternal—yet today’s styles take a modern spin by incorporating new and fresh shapes and designs. The luminous material works for women of all skin tones, and can also be incorporated into a variety of pieces, including earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and more.

While many might view this material as “plain,” it is anything but. Most mother of pearl is seen in a milky white color, but it can also be found naturally in shades ranging from grays to purples to browns. Mixing the hues within one piece can translate to a stunning look, as seen in this gorgeous shell drop pendant.

Mother of pearl looks particularly striking with ultra feminine looks—girly colors, silhouettes, and details that make an ensemble ooze femininity. Due to its fragile and light feel, this material is used a lot for religious purposes, such as crosses, like this cross pendant necklace. It makes a beautiful gift for Valentine’s Day, birthdays, or even special occasions.

Much like pearls themselves, mother of pearl’s classic look is great for women who want a timeless feel to their overall look, but desire an alternative to diamonds. A pair of pearl studs or a single strand of pearls around the neck is an eternally chic addition to an outfit. And thankfully, mother of pearl is an accessible and affordable option.

As spring inches closer, freshen up your jewelry collection with stunning mother of pearl pieces. Whether it’s earrings, a necklace, or a statement ring, this material is a breathes new life into looks that have been worn down by the dreary winter months. Put on this light and airy choice and watch as a positive outlook follows.