March Madness: Aquamarine and Bloodstone

We love March because spring is officially in the air. And what better way to usher in this new season and celebrate the month of March than by wearing its official stone: Aquamarine! Actually, March has two birthstones—aquamarine and bloodstone—which are very different in appearance, but both are linked to protecting the health of the wearer. Let’s take a peek at these stones and the stunning jewelry that you can find for each.

Aquamarine is the traditional stone of March. This light blue stone gets its name from the sea (“aqua”), but can also be reminiscent of the pale blue sky. Whether water or sky, the color is rich, ethereal, and bright.

Blue is known to be a relaxing and calming color, which makes it a favorite for many people. There’s something about this hue that evokes a zen-like vibe, whether you incorporate it with your clothing, inside your home, or yes, even in your jewelry. Aquamarine’s pastel color is very complementary against many skintones, but also is particularly gorgeous with spring and summer wardrobes. Watch as it pops against your skin, hair, and eyes to give a fresh and renewed look.

Women love aquamarine for its soothing characteristics, as well as its ties to youth and eternity. This stone makes a great gift for anniversaries, as it can symbolize health and fidelity. Try an exquisite 3-stone ring, like this aquamarine and white gold piece.

Whether the shade ranges from deep (which is more rare) to light, the blue color is positive and youthful. Pair it with everything from jeans and a casual tee on the weekends, to your next formal event for a head-turning look. Since blue and yellow are complementary colors, this gem looks particularly amazing with yellow gold, as you can see in these drop earrings.

The alternative birthstone for March is bloodstone, which is perhaps less common and less familiar to most people. However, this stone is strikingly unique, and possesses very different qualities compared to aquamarine. Bloodstone is a dark, opaque stone with a deep green/black hue, and flecked with red spots. It is a form of jasper, which can range in hue from reds to greens.

Whereas aquamarine is a sparkler, bloodstone has more of an earthy vibe, which makes it a great choice for women who crave a unique or eccentric choice when it comes to jewelry. This stone takes a more unconventional take on beauty, yet is packed with symbolism. It is often used in beaded jewelry, such as bead bracelets and necklaces. The look is similar to the popular turquoise look that women love.

One of the things that makes bloodstone such an exceptional stone is that no piece is exactly the same. More mainstream gems have a very cohesive look, whereas bloodstone’s unique look makes it very apparent that each piece is very different. Some have very vibrant red spots, while others are more subtle. Either way, this stone gives an edgy, creative look to your wardrobe.

March is a time for renewed life and starting a fresh season, which is the perfect time to incorporate both of these gems into your jewelry collection. With their very different appearances, there’s a gemstone for everyone this month. Choose the one that best fits your personality, or the vibe you’re going for in a particular day. Who says you can’t change your fashion personality each day? Mix and match these two beautiful stones into your daily looks to be on trend this month. Browse our collection today to find your new favorite pieces!