Let it snow…in diamonds!

Posted by Burcin Sevengul on

Are you looking for something new to rock at your next holiday party this year? Look no further than our wide collection of stunning diamonds. There’s never a better chance to wear diamonds than Christmastime and New Year’s Eve. It’s the perfect excuse to add a little glitz and glam to your everyday wardrobe.

For those who want to dress up their next holiday outfit, here’s a breakdown of our favorite diamond pieces that are sure to make a statement.

Black is the new…black

Believe it or not, there is such a thing as black diamonds! What we typically think of as clear, colorless, radiant gems, are actually available in a variety of colors and hues. Black is a stunning option when it comes to many jewelry styles. Black diamonds have many psychological associates, including sophistication, timelessness, and even a bit of edge. Try pairing a black diamond as a pendant on a necklace, or as a solitaire ring for a classic statement that is sure to get noticed.

Pavé all the way

Pavé diamonds are a cluster of tiny stones that are set very close together. From a distance, many pavé settings appear like a solid stone. However, this option allows consumers to get more bang for their buck. Pavé jewelry is often a cost effective option, which makes it a popular choice for necklaces, rings, bracelets, and more. Because there are more stones, pavé also can be a little extra sparkly. Check out pavé stud earrings or even a pavé engagement ring to make her smile.

Solitaire for the win

There’s nothing more classic than a simple solitaire piece of jewelry. From rings to pendants to earrings, solitaire diamonds never go out of style and they stand the test of time for virtually every occasion. Solitaires are often investment pieces, however we have numerous affordable options that give the same “wow” look you’re after. For the woman in your life, the perfect gift awaits in a stunning solitaire piece of jewelry.

They say a diamond is forever, and we can attest to that. Shop our collection of diamonds to find the perfect choice for that special person. Whether you choose a traditional style or something a little more unique, diamonds come in every shape, size, and color, and are the perfect option for your holiday celebrations.