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How to Customize your Gemstone Jewelry like a Color Expert

How to Customize your Gemstone Jewelry like a Color Expert

Read time: 5 minutes 


Never underestimate the power of color!

Color affects our bodies and minds, influencing our moods and feelings. Yellow is energizing, blue brings peace, red inspires passion and green is healing. We express ourselves through the colors we choose to wear and surround ourselves with. If you’re taking the time to customize a piece of jewelry with your choice of gemstones and metals, you want to get it right! 

Read on to learn how you can customize your jewelry with gemstones that bring out the best in each other (and you!). 


Which gemstones can be worn together? 

Because our range of gemstones is so extensive, one question our customers frequently ask when they customize jewelry is “What gemstones go well together?” In general, choose one dominant color to be the star of the show. Other colored stones can be used as accents. Most combinations will work if the colors aren’t competing for the spotlight.

Pro Tip: Use the Color Wheel 

Thanks to Color Theory, the scientific guidance on color mixing, we know that colors compliment each other in different ways. The Color Wheel, created by Sir Isaac Newton in 1666 and revised in modern times, is the go-to guide for understanding color combinations.

Complimentary Colors 

When you draw a straight line across the color wheel, you will find complementary colors. These sit opposite each other and balance each other out. Some examples include blue and orange (sapphire and orange topaz), red and green (ruby and emerald), and purple and yellow (amethyst and citrine). Because these are the most contrasting color combinations, they are a good choice if you want your jewelry to make a bold statement.  

Try layering necklaces with complimentary gemstone colors or combine gemstones into the one piece. For example, these elegant Amethyst and Citrine Sterling Silver Teardrop Earrings make a bold and colorful statement. 

Amethyst and Citrine Sterling Silver Teardrop Earrings

Analogous Colors

The colors that sit either side of each other on the wheel are known as analogous colors. These colors pair well together without being as strong a statement as with complementary colors. Examples include blue and purple (blue topaz and tanzanite), yellow and orange (citrine and orange topaz) and blue and green (sapphire and emerald). Similar to complementary colors, these work best when one color is the main stone and the other color is the accent. 


This Swiss Blue Topaz and Purple Amethyst Wedding Band pairs two gemstones in an elegant fashion. 

Swiss Blue Topaz and Purple Amethyst Wedding Band

Swiss Blue Topaz and Purple Amethyst Wedding Band

Triadic Colors 

Triadic (or tertiary) colors are colors that make up a triangle on the color wheel. Examples are orange, purple, and green (orange topaz, amethyst, emerald) or yellow, pink, and blue (citrine, pink tourmaline, blue topaz). Allow one gemstone to take center stage while the others provide a beautiful accent, like in this dazzling London Blue Topaz and Pink Tourmaline Yellow Gold Ring. 

London Blue Topaz and Pink Tourmaline Yellow Gold Ring

London Blue Topaz and Pink Tourmaline Yellow Gold Ring

Monochromatic Colors 

Monochromatic colors are different shades of the one hue. Hue refers to the pure color. Adding white to the hue gives you a ‘tint.’ Adding grey gives you a ‘tone’ and adding black gives you a ‘shade.’ Gemstone colors come in many different tones and tints, and pairing similar shades can create charming combinations. For example, if you’re drawn to blue, you can combine different blue gemstones like sapphire, tanzanite, blue topaz, aquamarine, and turquoise.

The two different types of topaz, London Blue and Swiss Blue Topaz, make a delightful pair in this delicate tennis bracelet. You really can’t go wrong with a monochromatic combination of gemstones!

London Blue and Swiss Blue Topaz Bracelet

The final and most important rule? Do what makes you happy! Customizing jewelry is about creating something unique to you. Gem Stone King offers a wide range of customizable jewelry. You can also preview your custom piece so feel free to test out different styles. 

We can’t wait to see your creations!

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