Go Green: How to Wear Emeralds This Season

Posted by Jennifer Craven on

Spring is here, and we’re officially giving the green light to the official birthstone of May: Emerald! This rich green gemstone is a classic that is has been beloved by women around the world for centuries. From the bold and dramatic, to the subtle and classic, emeralds are a versatile choice for a variety of styles. Read on to learn more about this enchanting gem and how to pull off the look.

Emeralds vary in hue from deep to light, with the richest greens being considered the most valuable. Psychological and culture associations often link this color to things like birth, renewal, and wealth. Thus, emeralds have long been the choice of the rich and famous as a status symbol. Today, anyone can pull off the emerald look, and tap into the symbolism behind the stone.

Green pairs especially well with complementary colors including red and blue. But to avoid looking like a Christmas tree, use caution when wearing red and green together at the same time. Instead, think of creative ways to pair the hues, such as pops of makeup or other accessories. Ever wonder why your favorite red headed celebrities often choose green for their movie premieres or red carpet events? Emeralds stand out against ginger hair in the most stunning way.

But even if you aren’t a red head, don’t worry. Anyone can rock emeralds! Here’s our top choices for incorporating emeralds into your wardrobe:


Who says diamonds are the only stone for an engagement ring? Today’s women are becoming more and more adventurous when it comes to engagement rings, and many are swaying from the expected. Try a stunning emerald solitaire ring with tiny diamonds running down both sides of the band. Or how about choosing a statement ring that you can wear to your next cocktail event.


Watch your eyes dazzle when you wear this gorgeous green shade near your face. Emerald earrings come in all shapes and sizes, so you can find the one that complements your face shape and personal coloring. Try these drop emerald earrings surrounded by a halo of diamonds. Talk about a statement! We also love these dainty dangle earrings that would work with everything from a tee and jeans to a dress and more.


Emeralds make a great choice for stand alone pieces or layering pieces. This single stone pendant is subtle enough to layer with your other favorite necklaces, while still getting the unique look of an emerald. Or choose something that stands out just a bit more, like an eye-catching stunner such as this emerald and diamond pendant.

However you choose to incorporate emerald jewelry into your collection, always remember that the color alone is unexpected and sure to turn heads. For those who are looking to draw attention, emeralds are the way to go. So jump on board the emerald train this spring and go green for a trendy and timely look.