Choosing the Right Jewelry Set for the Right Outfit (5 Essential Tips)

Jewelry’s timeless appeal can be attributed to the ways it can easily glam up most outfits. A piece of jewelry can lend a touch of elegance to our look, draw attention to focal points in our outfit, or add a pop of color to our otherwise neutral apparel.

But as with most fashion accessories, picking out the right jewelry set to match our outfit can be quite tricky. If we’re not too careful, it can easily steal attention instead of enhancing our overall look.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a handy guide for choosing the right jewelry set for the right outfit.


5 Tips for Choosing the Right Jewelry Set for Any Outfit

Picking out jewelry for an outfit doesn’t have to be hard. Below are some tips that can help in choosing the right jewelry set to match any piece of clothing.

  • Consider the context of the event.

Of course, when we’re dressing up, we’re already thinking of the appropriateness of our outfit for the event. For example, what looks great for a night out at the club with friends may not be suitable for, say, an official work function. Once we have the outfit in mind that’s right for the occasion, our accessories then have to follow.

Remember, just because a piece of jewelry looks good doesn’t mean it will look right all the time.

  • Mix and match color temperatures.

Contrasts help in drawing attention to where we want it, and we can apply this too when matching our jewelry with our outfit. What this means is simply using warm jewelry when wearing cool colors, and cool jewelry with warm colors.

Rubies, amber, and canary diamonds are example of warm jewelry that exudes fierceness and ambition. These qualities become even more pronounced when paired with blue tops and purple dresses. On the other hand, sapphires, emeralds, and green diamonds contrast nicely with warm shades.

  • Strike the balance between the accessories and the dress patterns.

Jumping off our previous point, contrasts can also be had between our dress patterns and our jewelry. In particular, busy patterns would benefit from being paired with simple jewelry with solid design. This is because pairing flashy pieces with busy patterns can overwhelm onlookers while simple jewelry can help balance everything out.

  • Factor in the size of the jewelry.

Besides the colors and prints, another important factor is the size of our jewelry set. If our jewelry pieces are too small, they may run the risk of getting overlooked. Too big and they may become too distracting. Busy patterns also do well with small pieces like stud earrings and simple necklaces. On the other hand, simple outfits can be matched with larger jewelry pieces.

  • Try out different combinations.

The tips we’ve mentioned so far are just general guides for picking out the right jewelry for certain outfits. Of course, each one of us has a unique style and there might just be a combination that goes against any of the previous tips but still looks great. Don’t be afraid to try out different pieces with various outfits and see what looks best.

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