Amethyst: The birthstone of February and much more


Amethysts are not just pretty rocks. They have a long history of helping people in a number of ways. These quartz gems are worn to quiet the mind and used extensively to assist in spiritual healing. Healing and inner strength is symbolic of Amethyst. Wear this Circle of life necklace close to your heart and experience the magic


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 Or have some fun with these drop into your heart dangling gems and ignite the spark in you. We forget the power that jewelry has on us. They truly come to life when we wear them!! February isn't just about love, its about celebrating getting ready for the new air of spring that is almost upon us. 


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Wait a minute, wrap yourself up in this cocktail ring that will surely awaken the diva in you! The color alone will send you dreaming away until you realize its your reality every time your gaze meets this Hollywood like gem of a piece!!






Happy Amethyst Birthstone Month! Spoil yourself or let yourself be spoiled, either way, You Deserve it!!