Addicted to Black: Why Black Onyx Will Be your New Go-To

Posted by Jennifer Craven on

They say not everything’s black and white…but when it comes to the newest and most chic trend in jewelry, it is! Black onyx has been around forever, but with today’s trend toward more neutral clothing and monochrome looks, this gem is the perfect coordinating choice. The simple, classic color makes it easy to dress up or down, as well as pair with virtually everything in your closet. What could be better, right?

Using onyx as jewelry can be traced back to Biblical years and beyond—often found as beads and intricate carvings. In modern times, this deep, rich stone can be found in a variety of forms, from solid black to black with white veins. When paired with white or yellow gold settings, black onyx is a striking pop that really makes a major statement.

Still not sure if this gemstone is for you? Not sure you can pull off such a strong look? Trust us…you can. Read on for some tips and suggestions for making onyx work for you.

Black is a favorite color among many women—but sometimes for very different reasons. On one side, women love black for its sophisticated feel and timeless nature. It can be a chic and polished color that feels professional and formal. On the other side, black can lean toward the dark side—literally—tapping into the edgy or even gothic realm. In this sense, onyx works by feeling a bit rebellious and dramatic.

Regardless of which personality you fit, onyx is a necessary piece in your jewelry collection. It can easily switch moods and transform to fit whatever outfit you choose.

For your next dressy occasion, try onyx that is paired with diamonds, such as this stunning black onyx halo engagement ring. If the traditional diamond solitaire ring just isn’t your style, something more unexpected and unique might be just the right option. Black and white gold are a beautiful complement to each other, as seen in this cushion cut onyx ring.

But don’t let your fingers have all the fun! Why not incorporate some black onyx on your ears and around your neck, too? Onyx looks particularly striking in creative shapes and designs. Check out this black onyx and yellow citrine pendant necklace, which has a major vintage feel that’s a throwback to the Art Deco style of the 1920s. And because black is a universal neutral, it works with virtually every other color, making it the perfect pair for other gems.

For those who want to try this trend in a more subtle way, why not opt for simple black onyx stud earrings in either yellow or white gold. This pair goes with everything from jeans and a tee to that cocktail dress you’ve been dying to wear.

So what do you think? Ready to take on the dark side? There’s nothing more surprisingly elegant than black onyx, so pick your favorite piece and rock it today!