3 Colors That Look Amazing With Sapphires

Posted by Jennifer Craven on

Have you ever put on an outfit and it just “worked”? Chances are, color had a major part of that harmonious click that made your ensemble look amazing. Color is the first thing that people notice about something, and that includes your clothing and accessories. And based on the science behind the color wheel and the way our eyes and brain work, there are groups of hues that complement each other, giving a pleasing look.

Today, let’s take a look at sapphires—a hot gemstone in today’s trends. Sapphires are commonly thought of as a deep blue color that is rich and lustrous. But did you know that sapphires can naturally be found in a variety of shades and colors? For this article, we’ll focus on the traditional blue sapphire and give you three suggestions for what to pair with these gorgeous stones to make your look really “pop.”

  1. Blue + Orange

Blue and orange sit directly opposite each other on the color wheel, which makes them complimentary colors. Other examples of complimentary color pairs are red/green and purple/yellow. This combination creates a pleasing look that’s a bit unexpected. I mean, who would think to combine blue and orange? But trust us, it just works. That’s also why redheads look particularly striking in blue or teal shades. But even if you aren’t a natural ginger, you can still achieve this look. Try a pair of stunning sapphire earrings or necklace against an orange shirt. Or even mix these two colors into a single piece of jewelry.

  1. Blue + Blue(s)

Everyone knows the monochromatic look is a winner, but did you know that this rule applies to more than just neutral colors? Any color can achieve the monochromatic look as long as it’s paired with shades within the same color family. So for sapphires, the goal would be to pair them with other blue stones—whether they match or not. Look for gems like aquamarine, tanzanite, turquoise, or zircon. Any of these blue stones will be a beautiful addition to your sapphire jewelry.

  1. Blue + Red + Yellow

Colors that are equidistant from each other on the color wheel create a look that is very complementary. For blue, those additional two colors would be red and yellow. Known as primary colors, this trifecta has a bold look that creates a spark when put together. You may never have considered mixing gems like this when it comes to your jewelry, but this set is worth a try. Pair your sapphires with rubies and citrine to get a major trendy punch. Layer pieces to combine gems within the same piece, and you’re sure to get heads turning.

When it comes to jewelry, it’s important to never overlook color and the significance it has. Sure, you should always choose gems and colors that you’re drawn to, but also keep in mind the power color has in an overall look and the way you can work it to make a statement. Sapphires are beautiful as stand-alone pieces, as well the perfect choice for pairing with other tones. Try one of these new combinations today for a fresh and modern look! Browse our collections to find pieces to fit your fashion (and color) personality.